Monday, September 16, 2013

Use ICT "Smartly" ! Better learning!

What is "ICT"? In the past, when I was a student, I always sit on the chair  and the only thing I had to do is taking notes on what teachers said. However, now in the 21st century, it doesn't work anymore! As a teacher, I need to think of different approaches from those in the past. It is ICT that I can use in the classroom. ICT refers to Information and Communication Technology. Then, how can I use it?

Technology has been developing from day to day and we can have a myriad of innovative gadgets such as  mobile phones, laptops, and ipads. Many people use them in their daily life, but what about students in school? Teachers, including me, have considered the gadgets as an obstacle to learning. Yet, I realized and have no choice but to admit that they have a positive impact on learning and must be used in the classroom. The Future Starts Now inspired me to try using them in my future teaching. We will be living off "knowledge" in the future as we can see in the Norwegians' story, which means that education will be the most important part. Motivation is one of the most essential factors in edication and ICT can encourage students to learn. I can not only show students 3D images and pictures of the subject but also let them research and discuss the topic online. ICT will definitely play a major role in teaching and learning. I need to know the way I use ICT accurately, which leads me to use it "smartly".

Is that all? Absolutely no. In A Vision of 21st Century Teachers, it is said that students can gain from face-to-face and online learning activities. Both need to be balanced. I am a learner who is taught how to use ICT smartly as well as a 21st century teacher. Let me digitally empower, and I can give students much more knowledge using ICT!

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  1. I'm glad that you used the word "empower" since giving students the tools to learn on their own will certainly empower them.